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Banstead Village

All Pictures

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374The Oaks1806
227The Banstead Well from a picture dated 18231823
557Pewter jugs from The Black Boy in Banstead1851
392All Saints Church Banstead1879
110Snow in Banstead in Mar 1883 - Banstead Downs1883
354Fox Hotel, Lower Kingswood1884
280Banstead Woods - Date inscription1884
335Roberts Stores Burgh Heath1890
140Mary Davies, Principal of Garratts Hall School1890
117Banstead School - Blacksmith at anvil (full page)1895
118Banstead School - Blacksmith at anvil1895
122Banstead School - Girl's cottages1895
121Banstead School - Girl's cottages (full page)1895
120Banstead School - Blacksmith's forge1895
161Mrs Mary Davies1895
119Banstead School - Blacksmith's Forge (full page)1895
379The Avenue at Nork Park1897
380Nork House1897
381Nork House1897
308Banstead Village Band and Police Station1900
348Burgh Heath cottages1900
347Cattle at Burgh Heath pond1900
349Burgh Heath pond1900
481All Saints Church, Banstead1901
543Banstead Village in 19041904
395Ye Old House, Chipstead1904
355Forge at Chipstead1904
207Carshalton Road (by the mini roundabouts)1905
394Banstead School Chapel (Banstead Hall?)1905
93Banstead Village Park Rd/ High Street 1905
343Fox Inn, Lower Kingswood1905
555The Victoria Hotel, Banstead1905
305Banstead School swimming baths1905
554Eastern End of Banstead Village1905
187Banstead Police Station1906
388Group photo Colman at Nork House1907
377Group photo Nork House1907
297Vanderbilt coach and horses in Nork Park1907
296Little Burgh House on the Reigate Road1907
378Gordon Colman at Nork House1907
520Banstead Road 100 years+ ago1908
334Vanderbilt coach outside the Surrey Yeoman1908
65Nork Park - Vanderbilt coach and horses1908
549Court Road, Banstead - and a speedy delivery!1908
220Banstead Road1909
333The Sheepshearers Arms Burgh Heath1909
61The Old Well - Park Road Banstead1909
547St Andrew's Church, Kingswood1909
344St. Mary's Church - Unfinished, Burgh Heath 1909
345St. Mary's Church Burgh Heath1909
538Burgh Heath in 19091909
307The Well – and Yewlands1909
346St. Mary's Church, Burgh Heath1909
222The Cottage, Banstead1909
32Salisbury Road Banstead1910
59The Mint - Park Road Banstead1910
384Gordon Colman in riding attire1910
153Banstead High Street1910
225Croydon Lane1910
221Brighton Road1910
116The Wheatsheaf Public House - Banstead1910
223Blind Lane1910
387Constance Dalziel, niece of Helen Colman1910
386Nigel, Helen, and Gordon Colman1910
385Helen Colman of Colmans Mustard1910
383Gordon Colman1910
229Banstead High Street 1910
25St Mary's Church Burgh Heath1910
26Police Stations in Banstead High Street1910
382room in Nork House?1910
493The Avenue or Avenue Road?1911
226De Burgh Park1911
502Wedding at The Grange1912
357Roberts Stores/Post Office, Burgh Heath1912
375Garratts Hall dining room1913
185Banstead Village School1914
36Woodmansterne Village 1914
336Lovelands Cottage, Lower Kingswood1915
517Banstead Hall prize cups1915
578Lych Gate St Peter Woodmansterne1919
351Location sought – Tadworth?1920
11Edward Gale headmaster in early 1900s1920
250Rose Hill School, Group Photo1920
573Nork Park Hill entrance to Nork House Drive1920
70All Saints Banstead - Bell framework for ring of 81921
113Woodmansterne Cricket Club team photo1921
302Banstead War Memorial1921
299Banstead Division II Champions 1920/11921
462Ivan of Hengest Farm 1924
329Football team at Banstead Woods1925
204Windmill Bridge Banstead Downs1925
203Banstead Oddfellows?1925
402Banstead Tea Rooms1925
159Firtee House 2 Firtree Road Banstead1925
2191st Banstead Troop of Boy Scouts - Beechholme1925
21Nork House1925
501The Grange in Banstead1925
499The Grange Fireplace1925
132Banstead Road1925
498The Grange1925
218Burgh Heath. - view from the Post Office1925
437Banstead village school 1920s1928
467Driftbridge Garage1929
209Tattenham Way1930
313The Banstead Motorcycle club1930
327Winkworth Cottage - The Hall 1930
238Rose Hill School, The Gardens1930
158The Lodge Banstead1930
326Winkworth Cottage lounge and bread oven1930
325Winkworth Cottage Tea lounge1930
324Winkworth Cottage Banstead1930
328Winkworth Cottage old advert1930
249Rose Hill School, Library1930
239Rose Hill School, Big School Room1930
240Rose Hill School, Dining Hall1930
241Rose Hill School, A Dormitory1930
242Rose Hill School, Billiard Room1930
243Rose Hill School, Gymnasium boxing1930
244Rose Hill School, The Library1930
363Where is this location?1930
245Rose Hill School, The Dairy1930
246Rose Hill School, The Farm1930
157The Lodge Banstead - the Hall1930
248Rose Hill School, The Kitchen Garden1930
251Rose Hill School, Classroom1930
155The Lodge1930
252Rose Hill School, Dining room1930
253Rose Hill School, Grounds at rear1930
254Rose Hill School, Garden1930
233Drift Bridge , early shops1930
156The Lodge Banstead = view from playing fields1930
232Drift Bridge, Epsom Downs1930
231Drift Bridge, first two shops1930
247Rose Hill School, The Dutch Garden1930
405Surrey Yeoman1932
399Map of Banstead from 19321932
169Banstead Hall cricket field1933
167Banstead Hall dining room1933
171Banstead Hall swimming pool1933
170Banstead Hall gymnasium1933
464Ivan Gerdes-Hansen in Banstead village1933
168Banstead Hall library1933
166Banstead Hall carpenters shop1933
165Banstead Hall school room1933
164Banstead Hall dormitory1933
163Banstead Hall exterior1933
465 Ivan with his Austin 7 Year 19341934
523Garratts Hall shortly before demolition1934
518Colcokes Road under construction1934
178Dancers at Greenacre School in Banstead1934
500The Grange Front View1935
403Location of Washford Bakery1935
519Methodist Sunday School1935
210Tattenham Way1935
407Burgh Heath pond1935
208Tattenham Way1935
404The Galleon - Burgh Heath1935
228Cyril Duce Banstead Footballer/Air Gunner1935
137Priory School, Banstead, staff and pupils1935
160The Grange1935
322Winkworth Cottage Banstead High Street1935
138Priory School Banstead – Silver Jubilee 1935
64The Victoria - Banstead High Street.1936
585The Forge and W Gilmour boot repairer1937
183Colcokes Road1938
22The Old Post Office Banstead High Street1938
303The Banstead Cricket Club Pavillion1938
206Wilmot Way1939
546A postcard from Banstead Vicarage1940
414Garratts Lane, Banstead1940
234St Pauls Church, Nork1940
266Nork multi postcard1940
401RCAMC at Walton-on-the-Hill1941
30Air Raid Precautions certificate1942
33Licence for working on wireless telegraphy1942
34National Fire Service wartime Christmas card1943
31War damage contribution receipt1943
15Flying bomb damage 19441944
435Banstead Athletic FC badge and logo1944
366VE Day celebrations Greenhayes Avenue Banstead1945
300VE day celebrations Nork 19451945
561VE day celebrations Ferndale Rd Banstead1945
535More VE day celebrations in Ferndale Road!1945
564The Well - an Ibis Library postcard1945
531Section House rear of Banstead Police Station1945
451VE Day Celebrations in Greenhayes Avenue1945
176Banstead Air Training Corps1945
522Banstead Boys Cricket Team1945
534Ferndale Road - then and now1945
315Banstead Neville Bowling Club 1947
515Burgh Heath Methodist School teachers1947
215Burgh Heath - The Galleon (2)1947
551German POW Erich Kochan in Banstead1947
214Burgh Heath - The Galleon1947
230Sutton and District Schools Champions 1948/491948
450Suffragette at Burgh Heath1948
572Banstead boy builds first 'Go-Kart'1948
320Sutton and District Schools Champions 1948/491949
235Picquets Way Football team 1949/501949
205Nork Way – The Parade1950
442Tin Tabernacle Banstead Baptist Church1950
57Park Farm Banstead - POW camp1950
463Ove Gerdes-Hansen with his Foreman 1950
430The Gables House Banstead (Cleaned up)1950
135Banstead High Street 1950
316Banstead High Street (west end)1950
312Tadworth and Burh Heath multi postcard1950
134Banstead High Street1950
139Anti-tank gun pillboxes at Banstead1950
295Kate the Banstead churchyard horse1950
449British Railways Police School1950
569Banstead WI1950
570Banstead WI1950
310Nork Multipostcard1950
408Banstead Railway Station, Banstead1950
417The Gables House, Banstead, Surrey1950
483Probably not local unless you know otherwise1950
482John Howes - but where?1950
411Hillside, Nork1950
413Higher Drive, Banstead1950
415Beechholme Entrance1950
177Eastern end of the High Street1951
516Burgh Heath Methodist School1952
438Banstead Athletic Cup winners 1952-531952
513Burgh Heath Methodist School teachers1952
1121953 Elizabethan Cavalcade Banstead - float1953
511Burgh Heath Methodist School Mrs Coleman.1953
131Raylec Ltd1953
101Elizabethan Cavalcade Banstead (coronation)1953
1111953 Coronation Elizabethan Cavalcade in Banstead.1953
102Elizabethan Cavalcade in Banstead (coronation)1953
514Burgh Heath Methodist School. Miss Parrot1953
99Elizabethan Cavalcade Banstead (coronation)1953
100Elizabethan Cavalcade in Banstead (coronation)1953
441Banstead Athletic FC shield1953
512Burgh Heath Methodist School Juniors1953
288Rosemary's Pub at Burgh Heath1954
361Miss Evans' class1954
289the lake Burgh Heath1954
290Who was Rosemary at Burgh Heath?1954
291By the Surrey Yeoman1954
123Banstead All Saints' Fellowship – Cinderella1954
124Ferndale Road stores Banstead1954
371Banstead High Street opposite the church1955
416Holly Lane/Bolters Lane, Banstead1955
418Banstead Park Downs1955
216Burgh Heath - The Sugar Bowl1955
372Cub Scouts marching in Banstead High St 1950s1955
369Banstead High Street in the 1950s ( Part two)1955
368Banstead High Street in the 1950s (Part One)1955
301Burgh Heath1955
544The Beacon magazine - May 19551955
189Banstead Athletic hero worshipper but who was she?1955
588PC Charles Burgess at The Oval in Banstead1955
319Oaktimbers - Lesleys1955
318Banstead Hall wide view1955
332The Old Well shown on a plate1955
179Beechholme - Paul Dockree at Colwyn Bay1956
587Kingswood Church1956
505BCSBS: The class of '561956
548Sports Day at Picquets Way1956
338Castleton, Bolters Lane1956
562Athlete in action.... jump!1956
362Miss Gardners' class1956
527The boys meet the bobbies1956
577Banstead in Portsmouth!1957
567Happy campers at Henley Fort1957
181Beechholme - Paul Dockree at Golden Sands1957
509School outing1957
507Story telling at Henley Fort - 19571957
545Seven boys1957
180Beechholme - Paul Dockree and friend1958
504Teachers at BCSBS, Picquets Way - late 1950s1958
510Picquets Way prefects, 19581958
581The Parade, Burgh Heath1958
419The Roundabout Banstead1958
508Form 4B, Picquets Way Boys School, 1958-591958
571Top boys!1958
506BCSBS: Head Boy presentation1959
321Lady Neville underground shelter1959
360 The Candy Floss bus 1959
584Burgh Heath - The Pond1959
8Banstead County Secondary Boys' School prefects 1959
475Banstead downs WI 1 of 61960
409St Paul's Church, Warren Road, Banstead1960
114Wheatsheaf Landlord and Landlady - The Hills1960
182Carved wooden seat... but what happened to it?1960
263Banstead High Street, in the 1960s.1960
428The Memorial, Banstead1960
427The Library, Banstead1960
424Lady Neville Recreation Ground, Banstead1960
470Banstead Asylum No. 88 bus1960
478Banstead Downs WI 4 of 61960
264Banstead high street - Oaktimbers1960
480Banstead Downs WI 6 of 61960
262Well House - Demolition 1960
568Banstead meets the Rhine1960
477Banstead Downs WI 3 of 61960
258The Victoria Hotel Banstead1960
550Chris crossing the Rhine1960
265The Woolpack in Banstead1960
565Graeme Sergeant at Beechholme 1961
426The Victoria Hotel, Banstead1961
552Where's the cherry tree-lined road?1963
525Aberdour School Scout Troop1963
526The Drive Banstead (View of London)1963
364Final Days of Burgh Heath Methodist School1963
524Aberdour School Scout Group1963
172The Mint Public House1965
412Nork Community Centre, Nork Way, Banstead1965
18The Victoria Hotel1965
423The Library, Banstead1965
7Banstead Place Park Road Banstead1965
256Banstead High street - H Parker butcher1965
257Banstead High Street Mr H Parker butcher1965
259Banstead Well and Well House1965
35Rose Hill school Park Road Banstead1965
260Well House in Banstead Village1965
261Well House in Banstead Village (2)1965
285Mortuary Chapel in All Saints Churchyard1965
410 Nork Way, Banstead1967
267Banstead Woods - House 1968
154Banstead Junior school 1968
255Banstead High Street - old shops1968
162Banstead Hall exterior1968
496Morris dancers at the Woodman Inn 1970
429All Saints' Church, Banstead1970
460BANSTEAD by Atomic Rooster (Vincent Crane)1970
420Roselands, Banstead1970
444Demolition of the old Tin Tabernacle Banstead1970
422The Well, Banstead1970
457The Wizard of Oz Banstead Junior School1971
458'The Wizard of Oz' John Sopel1971
452Opening of Banstead Baptist Church1971
443Banstead Baptist Church1971
446Banstead Baptist Church - Holiday Bible Club1972
454HMS Pinafore with P. Southgate & Julie Wilkinson1974
455Mr Conley who ran the after school gym. 1974
217The Surrey Yeoman Public House1975
425The Surrey Yeoman, Burgh Heath1975
494The Candy Floss Bus1975
453Mr Hayes, headmaster of Banstead County1976
108Banstead First School Christmas play - 19761976
459Mr John Soper's Gilbert & Sullivan extravaganza1976
495Queen Mother at Woodmansterne1977
268Banstead Woods - Water tower1977
456Mr Long - PE teacher at Banstead County Middle Sch1977
269Banstead Woods - Garden Sculpture1977
583Lone Wellingtonia along the A217 in Burgh Heath1980
356Police Constable crowns May Queen at Merland Rise1982
16The Old Forge1985
17Banstead High street - site of the old Forge1985
489Message from Banstead Coaches1986
487Last Day of Banstead Coaches bus service (4)1986
486Last Day of Banstead Coaches Bus service (5)1986
485Last Day of Banstead Coaches Bus service (6)1986
484Last Day of Banstead Coaches Bus service (7)1986
490Last Day of Banstead Coaches Bus service (2)1986
488Last Day of Banstead Coaches Bus service (3)1986
491Last Day of Banstead Coaches Bus service (1)1986
339Avenue Road, Banstead1989
340Avenue Road, Banstead1989
341Avenue Road, Banstead1989
342Avenue Road, Banstead1989
19Banstead Infants School1989
582The Banstead Village School1989
274Banstead Woods - The drive1990
276Banstead Woods - Main hospital entrance1997
275Banstead Woods - Main hospital entrance1997
284Banstead Woods - The new buildings1997
283Banstead Woods - The water tower (4)1997
282Banstead Woods - The water tower (3)1997
281Banstead Woods - The water tower (2)1997
279Banstead Woods - The walled garden (3)1997
277Banstead Woods - The walled garden 1997
273Banstead Woods - The original buildings1997
272Banstead Woods - Water garden1997
271Banstead Woods - Victorian Garden1997
278Banstead Woods - The walled garden (2)1997
129Methodist Church, Great Tattenhams - Entrance Hall2005
125Methodist Church, Great Tattenhams - Interior (1)2005
126Methodist Church, Great Tattenhams - Interior (2)2005
128Methodist Church, Great Tattenhams - Hall2005
127Methodist Church, Great Tattenhams - Main Entrance2005
3All Saints Church High Street Banstead2006
6Lady Neville Recreation Ground, Banstead 2006
4All Saints Church High Street Banstead.2006
2High Street Banstead2007
9The Banstead War Memorial2007
5Winkworth Road Banstead2007
74The Woolpack Banstead - Christmas card 2008
75The War Memorial - Banstead. Christmas card 2008
76The Old Well - Banstead Christmas card2008
78All Saints Church porch - Banstead Christmas card2008
13Shire Horses at the 2008 Banstead Countryside Day2008
39Wairose fire - Four days on2008
37Waitrose fire - The morning after2008
38Waitrose Fire - The main entrance.2008
23The old Waitrose store on the corner of Avenue Rd.2008
79All Saints Church trees - Banstead Christmas card2008
10The Mint Public House in Park Road Banstead2008
81The Old Waitrose Banstead - Christmas card2008
27The Great Fire of Banstead 12th December 2008.2008
40Waitrose Banstead- The Epsom Guardian reports...2008
14John Sweetman mans the BHRG stall. 2008
83Waitrose Banstead - Food for now2009
24Waitrose - Corner of Avenue Rd/ High st. Banstead2009
46Waitrose in Banstead nearing completion2009
45All Saints Church Banstead - Autumn 20092009
44Waitrose Banstead - October 20092009
77The Woolpack - Banstead Christmas card2009
43The new Waitrose rises from the ground2009
42Waitrose is finally gone - March 20092009
80All Saints Church - Banstead Christmas card2009
82Waitrose Banstead - One of the first customers2009
69The New Waitrose Store - Banstead 17 Nov 20092009
84Waitrose Banstead - An apple a day.2009
85Waitrose Banstead - The new car park2009
86Waitrose Banstead - Reopening day2009
88Waitrose Banstead - The new layout2009
90Waitrose Banstead - Mayor's visit2009
91Waitrose Banstead - The end of a long day2009
92Lych Gate and Church, Woodmansterne.2009
41Waitrose site four months after the fire2009
50Remembrance Day 2009 - The Old Soldier2009
20All Saints in the snow2009
89Waitrose Banstead - The gargoyle protector2009
12The Banstead History Research Group stall2009
94Emery Down, Bolters Lane Banstead in the snow2009
56Remembrance Day 2009 - Poppy Wreaths 2009
55Remembrance Day 2009 - Vetrans 2009
54Remembrance Day 2009 - Dog and friend2009
53In memory of Gunner A J Wright 70867 R F A2009
73Waitrose banstead High Street 19 November 20092009
51Remembrance Day 2009 - Army Cadets parade2009
71Fire Servcie Burgh Heath - Fairlands 802 (or 805?)2009
49Remembrance Day 2009 at the Banstead War Memorial2009
48Remembrance Day - Deputy Mayor's personal request.2009
47Banstead Downs and Asylum2009
58Longroft - Woodmansterne Lane Banstead2009
63Village School Banstead High Street2009
66Banstead Railway Station2009
67Commonfield Road Banstead2009
68Waitrose Banstead High Street 6 November 20092009
52Remembrance Day 2009 - Prison Officers 2009
95Fiddicroft Avenue Banstead Snow Dec 20092009
96Mayor visits BHRG display at Nork Park2009
97Fir Tree Road, Nork, Banstead in the snow2009
98Snow covered trees Fir Tree Road Nork Banstead2009
212Tattenham Way snowfall2009
21338 Tattenham Way snowfall2009
87Waitrose Banstead - The new store2009
201Banstead Past and Present – A BHRG publication2010
211Sledging in Nork Park2010
151Sir Henry Lambert's Banstead 2010
200Beechholme - A Children's Village2010
146Banstead May Queen Event - walking tall2010
197Banstead Village Cricket Field in the snow2010
145Banstead Silver Jubilee May Fayre2010
144BHRG at the Banstead May Fayre2010
143Banstead District Beavers, Cubs and Scouts2010
142St George's Parade Banstead 2010
148Epsom Down School Steel Band at Banstead May Fayre2010
141The Mayor and the Reverend Banstead All Saints2010
198Banstead All Saints Church after snowfall 2010
147Banstead May Queen and her Prince2010
196Banstead - The Mint and Park Farm in the snow2010
195Banstead - Cricket Club Pavillion in the snow2010
194Banstead - All Saints church in the snow 2010
193Banstead - Park Downs in the snow 2010
192Banstead - Holly Lane Fields in the snow2010
191Banstead - Park Road in the snow2010
190All Saints and the Garton Chapel of Ease2010
188View of the Wembley Arch from Banstead2010
186These Men of Banstead 2010
175Parish Register Society - page 32010
174Parish Register Society - page 22010
199Banstead All Saints graveyard after snowfall2010
107Snow in Banstead in Jan 2010 - Park Road2010
173Parish Register Society - page 12010
106Snow in Banstead in Jan 2010 - Park Downs (1)2010
105Snow in Banstead in Jan 2010 - Park Downs (2)2010
104Snow in Banstead in Jan 2010 - The Church Orchard2010
149Greenacres School at Banstead May Fayre2010
103Snow in Banstead in Jan. 2010 - All Saints Church2010
2242011 Banstead May Queen 2011
286The Banstead War Memorial2011
237Banstead Fruiterers2011
292By the Surrey Yeoman - Molly?2011
236All Saints Church graveyard2011
365The IBIS Bookshop. OPEN . . . but not for long2012
330Surrey Army Cadet Force- Banstead detachment2012
3527th Banstead Scouts.2013
358Long shadows on Remembrance Sunday at Banstead2013
359Tree down in Banstead High Street2013
337Banstead May Queen 20132013
390Constance Dalziel and Helen Dalziel Colman2014
396Men on the Banstead War Memorial2014
398The Banstead War Memorial2014
376WW1 Centenary - Banstead War Memorial poppies2014
373Banstead May Queen 3 May 20142014
367The Ibis but not as we know it!2014
391Nork House Drive 100 years on2014
433Banstead May Queen in horse and carriage2015
436Cornish's Bakery2015
448Deputy Mayor lays wreath at Banstead War Memorial2015
440Banstead Athletic Cup Winners 1952-53?2015
439Banstead Athletic 1950s2015
445Dedication of Banstead Baptist Church2015
447Remembrance Sunday at Banstead2015
434Banstead May Queen 2015 Natasha Warren2015
432Banstead May Queen - Banstead Infants School2015
476Banstead Downs WI 2 of 62016
479Banstead Downs WI 5 of 62016
469Banstead Village May Queen Fayre 2016 2016
471Banstead May Fayre 20162016
472banstead May Fayre 20162016
473Banstead May Queens2016
474Banstead Village Fair2016
497Remembrance Day Banstead War Memorial2016
521Queueing for the wine - or so they thought...2017
5292017 Banstead May Queens2017
553Banstead War Memorial2017
541All Saints Banstead Roof replacement2017
540All Saints Banstead and graveyard2017
528All aboard for the day trip!2017
539All Saints Banstead urgent repairs2017
537George Ford - Banstead teacher extraordinaire2017
566Banstead May Queen 20182018
559The Silent Soldier at Banstead2018
579Banstead In the Great War Exhibition2018
580Remembrance Sunday 2018 WWI Centenary2018
574Beechholme from the air2018
109Banstead Athletic footballer... but who is he?.9999
115The Wheatsheaf Brighton Rd Banstead9999
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