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Banstead Village

Banstead Hall exterior
The Banstead Image Library
Banstead Hall exterior

Banstead Hall in 1968. At the time it was an 'Approved School'for boys. The school was closed in 1970 and was demolished in 1980. Part of the site and grounds was used for blocks of flats and houses in Dunnymans Road. Other parts of the grounds are now occupied by a tennis club, a wildlife field off Basing Road and a housing estate on the northern side near the Brighton Road.
Picture added on 12 July 2010 at 16:36
Anyone who was a resident at Banstead Hall in 1958/9 get in touch if you remember me Derrick Calder.
Added by Derrick Calder on 05 June 2011
I was resident at Banstead Hhall for three years, I was there at around 1956/1959 and my name is Vic Hall. While I was there I had a nick name it was (Nobby.) and I was put to work on the maintenance crew. Bert Turner was in charge. The headmaster at the time was Mr Gould. I also remember, Jim Savage, Mr Wilkes, Wally Diple, and one called Nunkie. Some boys names . . . Bob Parsons, Tommy Knight, Edwards. Spent my last year down the house with Wilkes.
Added by Vic Hall (nobby) on 15 August 2012
Hey Nobby I must have known you as I was there around that time. Do you remember Leslie Bram or Phillip Hickman or Robbo Roberts? Les Bram worked under Bert Turner in the cobblers shop. I have managed to trace him and Phill Hickman and seen them both and I was in Nunkies metalwork shop whose name was Whilshurst. I also spent time at the house but it was Wally Dipple running it when I was there. It had a lot of London boys and did Tommy Knight play for the football team?
Added by Derrick Calder on 16 August 2012
Hi Derrick, I'm so sorry I can't remember you but it is more than 50 years ago. Yes I'm pretty sure Tommy Knight was in the football team - he was the guvnor there at that time, big fore arms, big fists that sort of thing, nice bloke though.

I wasn't a football fan then and I'm still not now, that's why Bert Turner had me working in his garden on a Saturday afternoon; Mrs Turner would come out with freezing cold orange juice and cakes. Also looked after the cricket pitch, I was boiler boy too, the swimming pool was always nice and warm. I spent lots of time in the cobbler shop but I was there alone. They liked to have metal studs covering the whole of the sole and heel. The door would often open and there would be someone with more boots, lots of studs please Nob.

I ran away three times and never quite made it back to London (Lambeth). Gould had to come down in the middle of the night and give us six of the best on the backside over the snooker table in the staff room. Do you remember those horrid striped shirts that had to have collar studs and cufflinks? Do you remember the bloke, I think he ran the building work, think his name was Jim Savage, he never stopped coughing, he smoked Capstan full strength non-stop.
Here are some more names I can remember, Ron Tarry (pigeon chest), Ginger Symonds, Dave Platt, Dave Cross, Alfie West, Rocky Rossiter, Dave Green, Reg Gutteridge (Gussy). Never saw them again, did not want to go home. Got to go now as my dog is staring at me, wants to go out. Del how old are you? I'm 70 next year but I'm told I look like I'm in mid-fifties, been a bit poorly lately had a lump removed from my neck last September and they took half my thyroid gland out as well, but no cancer, lucky me, bye for now Del
Added by Vic Hall (nobby) on 17 August 2012
I think I remember a Les who worked in the kitchen, dark hair straight back vhall95@gmail.com
Added by Vic Hall (nobby) on 17 August 2012
Del not sure you are getting my email? Please check your spam folder.

Added by Vic Hall (nobby) on 21 August 2012
Hello there, I was in Banstead Hall for three years, not sure what dates I was in there. My name is Stuart Barrellie and I came from Hastings, East Sussex. They were the best years of my life,
Added by Stuart Barrellie on 13 May 2015
Hi Stuart can you remember any of the boys names when you were there,
No, but I think I remember Les who worked in the kitchen, I used to work in the kitchen too. I was allways running away. I used to play a lot of football too.
Added by Stuart Barrellie on 14 May 2015
There has got to be lots more old Banstead Hall boys out there, please leave a comment about your time at the school.
Added by Derrick Calder Dell on 02 July 2015
Hey Stuart a lot of boys had nicknames and were seldom referred to by their real names by other boys. Did you have one and did you have blond hair?
Added by Derrick Calder Dell on 02 July 2015
My name is Dave Webb, I was at Banstead in 1958/9 , I was in the same dorm as John Hawes, Rocky Rossiter, Prisley. A few lads were transferred from another approved school where they had riot I remember. A group of lads absconded one night but they all ended up in jail in London. Addy came back but he was in pain from having steel needles pushed down the back of his legs, he was too scared to tell anyone. I kept in touch with John Hawes for a number of years, we were good mates and he kept me safe, he was hard as nails.
Added by Dave webb on 23 January 2016
My dad Joe Coleman was here in 1960/61/ does any one remember him? He would love to know?
Added by Nicky bryant on 24 May 2016
Hello there, can't remember what dates I was in there. Is there any way I can find out what year I was in there. I know I was in there for 3 years, I think it was late 1978.

Reply from LNW: Hello Stuart, I regret that I know of no formal way to establish what years you were there. It is just possible that the Surrey History centre at Woking have some records, but you will need to contact them directly. The other possibility is that someone else who views your request recognises you as a student who was there at the same time they were. There is one other observation - The contributor of the photo says that the school closed in 1970! Good luck.
Added by Stuart barrellie on 27 May 2016
This is a message for Dave Webb. My name is Vic Hall and when I was at Banstead I had a nick name - I was called Nobby and I worked on the maintenance with Burt Turner. I was there for three years. I had to do all three years because I kept running away. A bunch of us went one night and Addy was one of us. I remember Rocky Rossitter who was Welsh. I knew Addy and met him a few years ago at Battersea in London. He was a truck driver but didn't keep in touch. I remember he had big black eyebrows. I also remember John Hawes, Gus Gutteridge, Tommy Knight, Ron Tarry, David Platt, Alfie West, Ginger Symonds. Think I Remember Prisley too, blonde hair I think, Dave Green was another, got to go now, tired.
victorhallfix@hotmail.com or vhall98100@outlook.com would be glad to hear from anyone who might know me
Added by Vic hall (nobby) on 12 June 2016
Hello - anyone remember a John Ham-Howes or just John Ham or even John Howes? He would have been 72 this year - born 4.4.44 and came from Chelsea and went to Kingsley School in Chelsea but we know he was in Banstead. Thanks.

Note from LNW - Hello Karen. Have you seen the comment above from Dave Webb? He says he was in the Dorm with John Hawes!
Added by Karen White on 11 August 2016
Hello Karen,did John have a middle name?and if so was it Bernard
Added by Christine Kent member of the BHRG on 15 August 2016
Been to meet Derek Calder, still in touch he's a good mate now, there must be some more Banstead boys out there still alive, get in touch through the site.
Vic Hall ( Nobby ) vhall98100@outlook.com
Added by Vic hall (nobby) on 14 January 2018
Was this part of Beecholme? Christine Kent I have just emailed you as I missed your message - yes john's middle name was Bernard. I've only just received notification that my question was answered! I can't think its that same john as Dave says (can't imagine my john being as hard as nails but then you never know!

Note from LNW; Banstead Hall was never part of Beechholme and was on a different site.
Added by Karen White on 14 January 2018
I was at Banstead Hall for two years 1959/61, Some names I remember, Joe Coleman, John Abela, Ted Ohara, Alberto Calderone, Mick Warboys, Colin Green, ? Buckhurst, he was an original NERD made a transistor radio from next to nothing used the steel bed frame as an antenna we listened to radio Luxemburg late at night, Oscar Rainsford, tall kid named Huggins worked on the maintenance gang...I was in Mr Wilmshurst's (Nunkey) class metal working; best thing ever happened to me as I was Apprenticed in fabrication and machining been in that trade all my working life..John Harvey
Added by John Harvey on 22 February 2019
Hi John I think I was there just a little bit before you. I was also in the metalwork shop run by Nunkie. He used to put every one to work filing down metal then he would disappear for an hour. Did you know a Phillip Hook or Robert Roberts Robbo. i came from Bristol and my name is Derrick Calder Dell
Added by Mr D calder on 01 May 2019
Hi Derrick, no I cant recall the names you mention, but a few more come back to me "Dicky Dawson" ran away a few times eventually returned. I met him years later in Kings Lynn and bought his Mini off him. Also George Cowan, who was also in Nunkies metal work shop and Henry Evens; he was transferred to Borstal. I am looking for a photo from an excursion to "Henly Fort" which I will post when it shows up. John Harvey
Added by John Harvey on 01 May 2019
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